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Biml Express 2017 tests, comments and work-arounds

The new version of Biml Express, the free script-based ETL generation plug-in for Visual Studio provided by Varigence, has been out for a few months. Mid-July 2017 to be precise. However only recently I have been able to find some time to properly regression-test this new release against my library of patterns / scripts. The driver is the upcoming Data Modelling Zone event and Data Vault Implementation & Automation training sessions – better keep up...


Tech tip: making SSIS Project Connections generate correctly using BIML Express

A bit more of a technical view on things today. In order to stay up to date with the latest when it comes to generating ETL for the Microsoft stack (SSIS), I recently upgraded from Visual Studio 2013 with BIDS Helper 1.6.6. to Visual Studio 2015 with BIML Express. And this means a lot of regression testing for years and years of increasingly complex BIML and C# scripts. As it turns out it wasn’t too...

ETL generation in SSIS (adult steps) 0

ETL generation in SSIS (adult steps)

Full generation of ETL is the missing component towards the model driven design of the Data Warehouse and I am still pursuing various methods for various ETL suites to add to this concept. Some time ago I looked into ETL generation for Microsoft SSIS using the available DTS libraries (see the post) which really were baby steps. At some point one of my colleagues suggested looking into ‘BIML’ (Business Intelligence Markup Language) and the accompanying...