Foreign Keys in the Staging Layer – joining or not?

Roelant Vos

Roelant Vos

Roelant Vos

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  1. Roelant Vos Roelant Vos says:

    A question was posted as a reply to this article:

    “Can’t the FK be used to join both through a link_CustomerClass and have a hub_CustomerClass integrating Gcust, Bcust, etc…”

    For some reason I couldn’t reply via LinkedIn so here is my reply:

    “Thanks for that. My thoughts are that if ‘class’ is considered a business concept you have the option to add this to the model, but it doesn’t change the underlying concept. In my example here ‘class’ could be left out (I don’t need it in the DV). What I’m aiming for is handling attributes that (logically speaking) only describe the business concept (customer in this case). For instance if ‘name’ is in one table, and ‘description’ in the other they both logically only describe the Customer (Hub) and don’t attribute to a relationship between customer and something else. The same would be true for the label ‘good customer’ in the example, I would model this as a property of the customer and not one of the relationship.”


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