Updated sample and metadata models for Data Vault generation and virtualisation

Note: this page has been updated in March 2019 to update QuickDBD to SQL DBM. I have a license to use SQL DBM to generate code, but for viewers the forward engineering will be limited to 10 objects. However, the full model is visible (and can be saved / copied) and the sample code can be generated from the TEAM application if required. If this doesn’t work feel free to email me as well at roelant@ravos.nl.

After a bit of a pause in working on the weblog and technology (caused by an extended period of high pressure in the day job) I am once again working on some changes in the various concepts I’m writing about on this site. Recently I was made aware of this great little tool that supports easy creation and sharing of simple data models: SQL Database Modeller ‘SQL DBM’).

The tool is 100% online and can be found at https://www.sqldbm.com/. I have converted the ERwin based sample models on this new platform. It’s really useful – have a look.

One of the reasons for this effort is that ERwin does not provide a Community Edition anymore (boo!). The only option is a trial which lasts one month and requires re-registration every time. ¬†But stepping away from ERwin is really a blessing in disguise, as having a web-version of the models available makes updating and sharing a lot easier too. This allows for some closer collaboration as well with whoever is interested. So it’s all for the best.

I’ve moved the following models to the new SQL DBM platform:

These are the sample models you can use for trying out the Virtual Enterprise Data Warehouse application, I use these for regression testing. The example setup page for the Virtual EDW software has been  updated as well to reflect this.

Roelant Vos

Roelant Vos

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5 Responses

  1. When I try to access these resources, QuickDBD returns an error stating “login or higher permissions are required” – even when I’m logged in to QuickDBD. Maybe you could host the schema code on, for example, GitHub?

    • Roelant Vos Roelant Vos says:

      Hi Koos – at the time of writing QuickDBD changes its rules, and I have spend the last two weeks porting everything over to SQLDBM. In fact, I am logging in now to update all the links. Please check the site for the updated links. Sorry for the fuss!

  2. Fahim Kanji Fahim Kanji says:

    Hi There,

    Same issue for me. I tried to use the sample material and found that even when registered and logged in I am told by QuickDBD that I need to login or have higher permissions.

    Would love to see the content as the article is quite interesting to me.

  3. Roelant Vos Roelant Vos says:

    Hello Fahim, the easiest way is to install the TEAM application and generate the sample code from there. It also has the links to the SQLDBM. I’ll double check the links now to make sure nothing points to QuickDBD.

    Having said that, please reach out at roelant@ravos.nl if you can’t access the models and I can send them via mail.


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