The Taxonomy for ETL Automation Metadata (TEAM) is a management tool for Data Vault metadata, to support generic generation of data integration and virtualisation code.

It offers metadata mapping validation, data entry and visualisation. The metadata within TEAM is used to generate ETL (i.e. using Biml, SQL) using the interface / APIs.

  • The latest version is v. and can be downloaded here as an executable / installer.
  • The data model and sample code can be generated and viewed from the software (repository menu).
  • The TEAM code and content is managed via Github here. This is a private Github for the time being, but more than happy to expand the circle of collaborators. Send me an email if interested.

Contents / functionality of the tool:

  • Connectivity settings and configuration including opening and saving to file.
  • Metadata management (grid, mapping Source-to-Target Mapping – STM) including exporting to graph model etc.
  • Activation and validation of metadata (checking and pushing into target Data Vault generation data model).
  • Switch between JSON and SQL Server repository
  • Repository creation, including standard interfaces for ETL generation.
  • End-to-end sample data to generate your own Data Vault based solution.
  • Physical model versioning and reverse-engineering to enable virtualisation.
  • Graph based interface.

Recent change log:

  • v1.5.5.0 (notes here)
  • v. (notes here)
  • v1.5.3.0 (notes here)

Full notes are on Github (, but this link is only visible if you’ve been added to the repository (send me an email if interested!).