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Staging and interpreting XMLs, BLOBs and similar

Recently I had a couple of conversations about the ‘staging’ (loading data delta into your environment) of multi-structured datatypes such as JSON, XML (and some blobs). Today I had one of these conversations with my esteemed ex-colleagues Bruce and Glenn which made me think some additional information and considerations about the recent post to parse XML using XQuery would be a good idea. These conversations focused on where the interpretation of XML should happen: storing the unmodified (raw) XML...


Denormalise (flatten) XML using Xquery

ETL software have ways to interpret XML files or structures that vary in maturity, but recently I had to find another way to import XML structures that are received as blobs using (transact) SQL only. Because the upstream patterns (Staging to Integration) can easily handle denormalised source data sets the easiest way was to cast each blob as the XML file it is anyway and completely denormalise it (‘flatten’, more rows…). This is opposed to normalising...