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Virtual Enterprise Data Warehouse ideas & updates (towards 1.2)

Lately I have had a bit more head space to work on some ideas I find interesting, and these are now intended to culminate into ‘version 1.2’ of the Virtual EDW tool I have been developing. I’ve been using this tool extensively for various Data Warehouses and am generally very happy with it as a quick prototyping tool. But what really starts to play up is the requirement for a physical Data Vault (Integration Layer), as...


NoETL – Persistent (History) Staging Area (PSA)

After setting up the initial data staging in the previous post we can load the detected data delta into the historical archive: the Persistent Staging Area (PSA). The PSA is the foundation of the Virtual Enterprise Data Warehouse because all upstream modelling and representation essentially reads from this ‘archive of (data) changes’. This is because the PSA has all the information that was ever presented to the Data Warehouse, either in structured or unstructured format....


NoETL (Not Only ETL) – virtualization revisited

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a simple tool to support the Data Warehouse virtualisation concepts in practice. This is based on the idea that if you can generate the ETL you need, you can also virtualise these processes if performance requirements and / or relevant constraints allow for it. This is why I was looking for a way to virtualise where it would be possible (performance wise), and instantiate (generate ETL) where...