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The Virtual Data Warehouse

Over the weekend I have written up a brief overview and ‘thought piece’ of what I mean when I talk about a Virtual Data Warehouse and Data Warehouse Virtualisation. Please have a look at the article here:┬áThe Virtual Data Warehouse. A special thanks to Bret Victor for sharing a fascinating presentation on ‘inventing in principle’. This is a concept, or I should rather say a principle, I have been working on for some time now....


Update on development & collaboration efforts

Development update This is a status update for the small community of open source developers and collaborators that use, or contribute to, the growing ecosystem of metadata management and Data Vault generation tooling. I’ve worked hard on creating a more stable set of tooling around ETL generation and as a result the TEAM and VEDW applications (as well as some others) have now been completely separated with a view to increase greater interoperability with other...