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Data Vault 2.0 Staging Area learnings & suggestions

With Data Vault 2.0 the Data Vault methodology introduces (amongst other things)  a more formalised solution architecture which includes a Staging Area. In the designs as advocated in this blog this Staging Area is part of a conceptual Staging Layer that also cover the Persistent Staging Area (PSA). While updating the documentation in general I updated various sections in the Staging Layer definition and this prompted me to highlight some experiences specifically with implementing the...

Implementing User Managed data (User Managed Staging Tables) 0

Implementing User Managed data (User Managed Staging Tables)

Related to the handling of reference data it is sometimes required to feed information into the Data Warehouse that does not have a formal source in the organisation’s information landscape. This information can be needed in the form of reference data (additional information about attributes provided by a source), relationships or really anything that is required to ultimately meet reporting requirements. It can be a vital element to ‘glue’ information together or to provide details...