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How to be sure you load 100% of the data 100% of the time!

How can you be sure you load 100% of the data 100% of the time? This is an article that expands on a topic that often comes up in the Data Vault implementation training: applying Referential Integrity and consistency checks in Data Vault. It sounds straightforward, but in reality these are interesting topics for any Data Warehouse (DWH) and Data Vault practitioner. I started to write a blog post about it, but before I knew...


Quick and easy referential integrity validation (for dynamic testing)

This post is in a way related to the recent post about generating some test data. In a similar way I was looking for ways to make life a bit easier when it comes to validating the outputs of Data Vault ETL processes. Some background is provided in an earlier post on the topic of Referential Integrity (RI) specifically in the context of Data Vault 2.0. In short, by adopting the hash key concepts it...


Data Vault 2.0 – how to handle Referential Integrity?

I was working on adding some of the automation code to support Data Vault 2.0 and this got me thinking about Referential Integrity (RI)  related to the modifications that Data Vault 2.0 requires. With Data Vault ‘1.0’ Referential Integrity is always enabled (except for very big systems – let’s leave that one out of the scope for now – see this older post) and in Data Vault 2.0 this hasn’t changed according to the specifications. For Data...