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Beyond ETL Generation & DWH Virtualisation – what’s next?

Bridging the gap At the recent Data Modelling Zone (DMZ) in Germany I presented an overview of the ideas around Data Warehouse Virtualisation and the thought processes leading up to this. In this post I wanted to elaborate on some of these ideas a bit further, as together they can be combined to allow something even more powerful. This post provides an overview of how various (technical) concepts together can help faster delivery of meaningful...


Loading too fast for unique date/time stamps – what to do?

Let’s start by clarifying that this concerns the RDBMS world, not the Hadoop world 😉 It’s a good problem to have – loading data too quickly. So quickly that, even at high precision, multiple changes for the same key end up being inserted with the same Load Date/Time Stamp (LDTS). What happens here? A quick recap: in Data Vault the Load Date/Time Stamp (LDTS, LOAD_DTS, or INSERT_DATETIME) is defined as the moment data is recorded...


Staging and interpreting XMLs, BLOBs and similar

Recently I had a couple of conversations about the ‘staging’ (loading data delta into your environment) of multi-structured datatypes such as JSON, XML (and some blobs). Today I had one of these conversations with my esteemed ex-colleagues Bruce and Glenn which made me think some additional information and considerations about the recent post to parse XML using XQuery would be a good idea. These conversations focused on where the interpretation of XML should happen: storing the unmodified (raw) XML...