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When a full history of changes is too much: implementing abstraction for Point-In-Time (PIT) and Dimension tables

When changes are just too many When you construct a Point-In-Time (PIT) table or Dimension from your Data Vault model, do you sometimes find yourself in the situation where there are too many change records present? This is because, in the standard Data Vault design, tiny variations when loading data may result in the creation of very small time slices when the various historised data sets (e.g. Satellites) are combined. There is such a thing as too...


Creating Data Vault Point-In-Time and Dimension tables: merging historical data sources

Beyond creating Hubs, Links and Satellites and current-state (Type 1) views off the Data Vault, one of the most common requirements is the ability to represent a complete history of changes for a specific business entity (Hub, Link or groups of those). If a given Hub has on average 3 or 4 Satellites, is it useful at the very least to see the full history of changes for that specific Hub across all Satellites. How to...