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NoETL – Data Vault Link tables

Virtualising Data Vault Link structures follows a similar process to that of the virtual Hubs, with some small additions such as the support for (optional) degenerate attributes. To make things a bit more interesting I created some metadata that requires different Business Key ‘types’ so this can be shown and tested in the virtualisation program. For the example in this post I created three Link definitions (the metadata), one of which (LNK_CUSTOMER_COSTING) has a three-way relationship with the following...


Data Vault ETL Implementation using SSIS: Step 4 – Link ETL

In the Data Vault workflow the Link is the next object to typically be loaded after the Hub has been processed. This can be done in parallel with the standard Satellites but this will be covered in a future posting about the workflow/scheduling of Data Vault ETL. The Link ETL comes down to select the distinct pairs of business keys from the respective Staging Area table, check if they’re there and insert them if they’re...