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NoETL – Data Vault Link Satellite tables (part 1)

The final of the series of planned posts (for now at least) about Data Warehouse Virtualisation is all about Link Satellites. As with some of the earlier posts there are various similarities to the earlier approaches – most notably the Satellite virtualisation and processing. Concepts such as zero records and ‘virtual’ or computed end-dating are all there again, as are the constructions of using subqueries to do attribute mapping and outer queries to calculate hash...


Data Vault ETL Implementation using SSIS: Step 7 – Link Satellite ETL – part 1 – Regular History

From an ETL development perspective the Data Vault Link Satellite (LSAT) ETL template is the most complex, and also conceptually the most challenging. This is mainly because the behavior of ETL depends on the type of history that is tracked. To define proper LSAT ETL templates for automation I classify this as follows: Regular / Historical Link Satellites that track the changes for attributes of a relationship over time. This is very similar to Satellite ETL...