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Data Vault comparisons 1

Data Vault comparisons

I have drafted a comparison between Data Vault and normalised (3NF) and denormalised (Kimball) models for reference. This comparison is applicable for using these models as the core Data Warehouse model as opposed to modelling for reporting purposes (i.e. data marts).  

Kimball versus Inmon: a peace offer? 5

Kimball versus Inmon: a peace offer?

Lately there were some interesting updates in the ever-existing ‘Kimball versus Inmon’ discussion. This this Bill Inmon wrote an article expressing his views on these things: http://www.b-eye-network.com/view/14115. A quote here sums it up for me: ‘If you want a tactical solution, then Kimball is the way to go. If you want a strategic solution, then Inmon is the way to go.’ All in all I think the Kimball approach is a good one if the goal is a stand...