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Using (and moving to) raw data types for hash keys

Making hash keys smaller A few months ago I posted an article explaining the merits of the ‘natural business key‘, which can make sense in certain situations. And, from a more generic perspective, why this is something the Data Warehouse management system (‘the engine‘) would be able to figure out automatically and change on the fly when required. This article used the common approach of storing the hash values in character fields (i.e. CHAR(32) for...


Using a Natural Business Key – the end of hash keys?

Do we still need Hash Keys? I have been thinking about the need for hash keys for almost a year now, ever since I went to the Data Vault Day in Germany (Hamburg) end of 2016. During this one-day community event, the topic of stepping away from hash keys was raised in one of the discussions after a case study. Both the presentation and following discussion were in German, so I probably only got half...