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Embrace your Persistent Staging Area for Eventual Consistency

If you like your PSA so much… A colleague of mine asked me this: ‘if you like the Persistent Staging Area (PSA) concept so much, why not embrace it all the way?’. By this, he meant loading upstream layers such as the Data Vault directly from the PSA instead of from a Staging Area. I was a bit resistant to the idea at first, because this would require incorporation of the PSA as a mandatory...

Data Vault versus the persistent Staging Area 3

Data Vault versus the persistent Staging Area

One of the questions I regularly get during presentations is what the benefits of Data Vault are over a persistent Staging Area. In other words: why go through the effort of defining a Data Vault model when you can receive the same ‘regeneration / recreation’ capabilities with a persistent Staging Area which directly feeds a Dimensional Model or similar presentation model. First off; in my reference architecture I use both the Data Vault (in the...

Why you need an Enterprise BI framework 0

Why you need an Enterprise BI framework

Over the last few months I have done a number of pre-sales presentations regarding a framework for designing and developing data integration programs. While the framework in question is a smaller scale (mainly ETL) I did encounter numerous discussion why such a framework is necessary in the first place. What would be achieved by using it? Because this blog serves as my own personal framework and collection of best practices I thought it would be...