New release of TEAM software (v1.5.3.0)

We just released a new version of the free open source front-end software to manage the essential metadata for Data Vault automation: the Taxonomy of ETL Automation Metadata (TEAM).

TEAM and VEDW are developed for the purposes of sharing knowledge and testing out new ideas, but they are fully tested and complete in their functionality. You can generate your Data Vault with patterns that incorporate concepts outlined in this blog.

This has been in development for a couple of months and is the biggest update so far. It’s great to see that TEAM is really becoming a more stable and easy to use tool.

As always the new version can be downloaded from Github (send me an email for access, it’s still a private repository) or via Google Drive here and here.

This new version has some significant improvements, including but not limited to:

  • Toggle between different environments, to switch between settings and connections.
  • Revamped connection and settings management.
  • Performance improvements, especially around activation of metadata.
  • Validation of metadata, including configuration of validation rules.
  • Persistence in JSON files to allow for better merging to a central repository.
  • Sample schema included in code, to quickly generate ETL automation logic using VEDW.
  • Various cosmetic updates, it all looks much nicer.
Roelant Vos

Roelant Vos

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