How to be sure you load 100% of the data 100% of the time!

How can you be sure you load 100% of the data 100% of the time?

This is an article that expands on a topic that often comes up in the Data Vault implementation training: applying Referential Integrity and consistency checks in Data Vault. It sounds straightforward, but in reality these are interesting topics for any Data Warehouse (DWH) and Data Vault practitioner.

I started to write a blog post about it, but before I knew it this was 15 pages long so I thought it would be better to publish as a paper.

You can find it here: Consistency and Referential Integrity. I think it’s a good story! The best part (in my view) is how consistency validation can be used as a means (filter) to push data to consuming areas in near real-time loading approaches. Special thanks to Christian Hädrich for reviewing!

I’ve added this in the ‘publications‘ section of the blog with the other papers.

Don’t forget – the next training is in October in Germany courtesy of Doerffler and Partner (!

Roelant Vos

Roelant Vos

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