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Loading too fast for unique date/time stamps – what to do?

Let’s start by clarifying that this concerns the RDBMS world, not the Hadoop world 😉 It’s a good problem to have – loading data too quickly. So quickly that, even at high precision, multiple changes for the same key end up being inserted with the same Load Date/Time Stamp (LDTS). What happens here? A quick recap: in Data Vault the Load Date/Time Stamp (LDTS, LOAD_DTS, or INSERT_DATETIME) is defined as the moment data is recorded...


Staging and interpreting XMLs, BLOBs and similar

Recently I had a couple of conversations about the ‘staging’ (loading data delta into your environment) of multi-structured datatypes such as JSON, XML (and some blobs). Today I had one of these conversations with my esteemed ex-colleagues Bruce and Glenn which made me think some additional information and considerations about the recent post to parse XML using XQuery would be a good idea. These conversations focused on where the interpretation of XML should happen: storing the unmodified (raw) XML...