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Minimal metadata requirements for ETL Automation / Virtualisation (and prerequisites)

At the Worldwide Data Vault conference in Vermont USA I presented the steps to automate the ETL development for your end-to-end Data Warehouse. We put a lot of thought in what would be the absolute minimum of metadata you would need to insert into the automation logic, as most of the details are already ‘readable’ from the data model (and corresponding data dictionary or system tables). Data Vault 2.0 defines a complete solution architecture covering...


User Defined Properties for ETL Automation – the final piece of the puzzle

At the end of the development efforts to support true Model Driven Design there are some elements you just don’t want to store in another metadata table. But somehow you need specific information which isn’t available in the Data Dictionary either (or directly derivable that way). In my case I wanted to label attributes within a Dimensional Model to behave following specific paradigms for presenting history – Type0, Type1 or Type2 – and essentially use this information...