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Beyond ETL Generation & DWH Virtualisation – what’s next?

Bridging the gap At the recent Data Modelling Zone (DMZ) in Germany I presented an overview of the ideas around Data Warehouse Virtualisation and the thought processes leading up to this. In this post I wanted to elaborate on some of these ideas a bit further, as together they can be combined to allow something even more powerful. This post provides an overview of how various (technical) concepts together can help faster delivery of meaningful...


Why you really want a Persistent Staging Area in your Data Vault architecture

Recently at the Worldwide Data Vault Conference in Vermont USA (WWDVC) I had many conversations about the Persistent Staging Area (PSA) concept, also known as Historical Staging Area. I have been using this idea for years and really can’t do without it. I would even go as far as saying you really want a PSA in your architecture. However there is a common opinion that having a PSA isn’t the best idea as it introduces a ‘2nd...

Data Vault implementation preparations – fundamental ETL requirements 0

Data Vault implementation preparations – fundamental ETL requirements

Prior to working my way through the end-to-end ETL solution for Data Vault certain fundamentals must be in place. The reference architecture is one of them and this is largely documented as part of this site and corresponding Wiki. The other main component from an implementation perspective are the requirements for ETL. As all concepts have their place in the reference architecture for good reasons they also have tight relationships and changes to one concept...