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Comments on ‘Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault’


 I just finished reading ‘Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault’ by Hans Hultgren. I think it provides a good and clear overview of the Data Warehouse design using Data Vault as technique for the core DWH layer as well and, most importantly, covers some practical aspects that have been implemented but not documented in (practical) detail such as; Key Satellites Identical Business Keys (primarily solved through defining a concatenated key) Points that are up...


Data Vault ETL Implementation: Potential exceptions in Hub ETL


 The previous blog posting regarding Hub ETL processes (Implementation of Hub ETL) covered the standard (cookie cutter) functionality. However, there are some exceptions that may occur, and perhaps some additional explanations are required of some of the operations: Record Source: in most of the scenarios the Record Source will be the same between the various Hub ETL processes as you’re working towards a core enterprise wide business key. This is why the Record Source is an optional component...


Data Vault ETL Implementation using SSIS: Step 4 – Link ETL


 In the Data Vault workflow the Link is the next object to typically be loaded after the Hub has been processed. This can be done in parallel with the standard Satellites but this will be covered in a future posting about the workflow/scheduling of Data Vault ETL. The Link ETL comes down to select the distinct pairs of business keys from the respective Staging Area table, check if they’re there and insert them if they’re...


Data Vault ETL Implementation using SSIS: Step 3 – Hub ETL – part 1 – overview


 The Staging Area and Historical Staging, both part of the conceptual Staging Layer, are not directly related to Data Vault although at least the Staging Area ETL paves to way with the definition of the Event Date/Time. The Hub however is the first true Data Vault template to be implemented in SSIS. Please note that this is true for DV1.0; for DV2.0 the Staging Area is incorporated into the design a bit more. The Hub...


Data Vault ETL Implementation using SSIS: Step 2 – Historical Staging ETL


 The archiving process such as the Historical Staging ETL are also not conceptually part of Data Vault but can play an important factor in the complete Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). While the Staging Area directly supports the Data Vault message the Historical Staging is really optional and does not impact Data Vault processes. For the sake of completion the ETL overview for the Historical Staging is provided regardless. As with any ETL process within the...


Data Vault ETL Implementation using SSIS: Step 1 – Staging Area ETL


 While technically (and conceptually) not really part of Data Vault the first step of the Enterprise Data Warehouse is to properly source, or stage, the data. This is a critical step, and often one of the most difficult to get right. It also has direct impact on the core DWH / Data Vault development, or at least supports its core message and principles. This impact can be summarised by the definition that the purpose of...

Data Vault evening event – Brisbane – SSIS automation for Data Vault 0

Data Vault evening event – Brisbane – SSIS automation for Data Vault


 For everyone available and interested (and in the neighbourhood) a new session has been planned for the Brisbane DWH and Data Vault modelling interest group. It’s all about using SSIS to automate your DWH development. The session is hosted on the 6th of June 2013, from 17:30 onwards. More information is here:


Comparisons between Data Warehouse modelling techniques


 This post provides an overview of the main pros and cons for various Data Modelling techniques: Third Normal Form (3NF) – The Corporate Data Model. Dimensional Modelling – Facts and Dimensions. Hybrids – Best of both worlds? Data Vault, Anchor Modelling and similar. It has become a bit of a large post but then again, there is a lot of ground to cover. Third Normal Form (3NF) The pros for 3NF are: Most IT professionals...


When is Data Vault a suitable solution?


 Over the years I have had mixed experiences pitching Data Vault in various situations and have come to a couple of conclusions with regards to applying (or proposing) Data Vault. It is related to various discussions such as having a 2-tiered (layered) or 3-tiered Data Warehouse architecture which in itself is subject to various considerations. And once you decided you do need a 3-tiered approach the discussion between (typically) 3NF and Data Vault as modelling...

Data Vault in Brisbane (Australia): the new user group is up! 0

Data Vault in Brisbane (Australia): the new user group is up!


 Happy New Year! We have just initiated a platform for local Brisbane Data Vault enthusiasts to get together and share information and improve the methodology. If you’re living or working close to Brisbane, definitiely check out the Brisbane Data Vault user group. I look forward to meeting anyone interested through this new portal!