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I’m Roelant Vos, working at Allianz Worldwide Partners in Australia. I try to make life easy working with all things data and use this site to share personal ideas and concepts. Feel free to contact me any time!


I’m always more than happy to work on the topics that I write about, so please get in touch at roelant@ravos.nl.

About me:

Roelant Vos has been active in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for 20 years and is working for Allianz Partners Australia as a General Manager – Business and Insights. Passionate about improving quality and speed of delivery through model-driven design and development automation he has been working with hybrid modelling techniques such as Data Vault for many years.

About the blog:

The main drive for this blog is what I refer to as ‘inspired laziness’; the consolidation and exploration of effort-reducing ideas regarding ETL, Data Warehousing and to some extent Business Intelligence. The goal is to describe and extend a flexible architecture for the true Enterprise Data Warehouse that will minimize maintenance and development. The fundamental underlying concept is ‘Model Driven Design’: generating / automating ETL, enforcing consistency (and why) and improving maintenance for a future proof management information system, all flowing out of the information models itself.

Of course I try to update content as frequently as possible but depending on work pressure these updates may be done at varying intervals. But even if things are quiet for a while, I’m always continuing to work on the perfect next-generation EDW on the various projects I’m involved in.

This blog only contains my own thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by Allianz Partners nor does it constitute any official communication of Allianz Partners.

I’ll try to keep everything as practical as possible and provide working samples wherever possible. Feel free to join in on the discussion!